Mediterranean – Revolt Experience Tour 2017

Revolt Custom Boats sets out on Mediterranean coast line Trip with 10.60m Revolt Sport Test Drive Experiences.

Revolt Custom Boats, NL. May 28, 2017

Following Revolt’s International debut in France last year, Revolt Custom Boats is touring the popular Revolt Sport with Single 627GTS. It is a Mediterranean – Revolt Experience tour where prospective customers will have the opportunity to understand why driving a Revolt is so special all while experiencing Revolt’s latest approach to craftsmanship, engineering and design. It is all embodied in the 10.60m RIB, powered by a single 627GTS Seven Marine outboard motor – The most powerful outboard in the world and one of three 7’s in Europe. 


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“Our goal is to engage our audience in an impactful way – in a location that’s convenient and familiar to them,” said Pim Salemans – Sales manager of Revolt Custom Boats. “By allowing our customers to engage with our brand and our boats in an environment that is fun and interactive, we create the opportunity for potential customers to experience our personality as a brand. Ultimately, we hope they have such a great time during their drive experience that they consider joining the Revolt family when searching for their next boat.”


Participants of the test drive will be guided on a quest to learn more about the boat and the unique Revolt driving experience. During the tour, participants will learn first-hand how a lighter boat with more power can ultimately make the drive more fun; that safety features can enhance, and not overtake, the driving experience; how technology can help support the driving experience, not take away from it; and how Revolt’s driving philosophy directly translates to the driver’s everyday experience in the boat.


See tour dates and locations here


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