Meet the new Revolt Comfort Line

The 50ft Revolt Comfort is a new Revolt full Custom concept with an exterior design by Nick Mezas Yacht Design and layout in close collaboration with our clients and partners.


One of the key features of the Revolt story has been our ability to build fully custom performance RIBS for clients in all styles. Now we are delighted to unveil the first details of a new concept designed to showcase the possibilities you might enjoy in terms of a modern and luxury Performance RIB.


The brand-new Comfort Line features a ultimate performance blended with the attributes of a day cruiser. Taking into account detailed market research, this striking new 15-metre concept offers the best of both worlds to those seeking to explore places in comfort but with the performance our clients are used to. 


Revolt fans will know that we’ve already built some impressive RIBS in the past, including the all-custom 35ft Pro twin Seven Marine 627hp and the 42ft off-shore racer with Triple Yamaha 350hp. Overall, however, ‘performance’-type RIBS are still seen by many as being for people who prefer rough, sport-style looks. And indeed, many RIBS in the Revolt Fleet do have a rough design and no cabin.


Until now that is… Because as we will reveal in full during the Monaco Yacht Show, these presumptions about how an Family Racer should look like and who prefers to be on board are going to be changed for good! With her sleek looks and sophisticated layout arrangements, the all-new Revolt Comfort will appeal to all who enjoy discovering the remotest parts of the world with luxury performance and comfort. And that’s why we prefer to call it the Revolt Comfort rather than a ‘Day Cruiser’.


The Revolt Comfort is a crossover design, combining elegant lines that everyone can appreciate with the roughness of a traditional performance RIB. While the RIBS in our Professional and Sport lines have been christened after racing the seas, the name comfort reflects the fact that her owners are more likely to go further afield with their beloved ones, enjoying private family fun in remote areas. 


Coming in at a range from 40ft to 50ft, the sexy Revolt Comfort line is Comfortable enough to travel to the islands  and in all types of seas. We will explain more about her ingenious structure, spacious aft deck sunbed, suspended cockpit, smart and luxury Cabin and much more besides during the Monaco Yacht Show. Until then, put your thinking caps on and let these ideas inspire you in imagining how your custom Revolt Comfort might look.

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