In Lifestyle, CommunityJanuary 21, 2023

Kouwe Klauwe Tocht

"cold claws"

The Revolt Custom Boat Kouwe Klauwe Tocht is an exciting event that will take place in 2023. This event will allow Revolt custom boat enthusiasts to showcase their unique boats and enjoy a fun-filled day on the water.

The term “Kouwe Klauwe” translates to “cold claws” in Dutch, which is a reference to the cold temperatures that can be expected in the Netherlands during this time of year. Despite the chilly weather, custom boat owners are eagerly anticipating this event.

The Revolt Custom Boat Kouwe Klauwe Tocht will take place on the beautiful Dutch waterways, with participants starting in the city of Rotterdam and making their way to the final destination of Amsterdam. The route will take participants through scenic canals and open waters, providing breathtaking views of the Dutch countryside and cities.

This event is not just a race, but also a celebration of custom boat culture. Participants will have the opportunity to show off their unique boats and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. There will also be an awards ceremony at the end of the event, with prizes awarded for the fastest boat, the most creative design.