Koude Klauwen Tocht 2023

December 2nd, 2023
Tiel, the Netherlands

Kouwe Klauwe Tocht 2023: Boat trip from Strijensas to Tiel

Revolt Custom Boats X Biesheuvel Watersport

Our clients and Biesheuvel Watersports clients recently enjoyed a boat trip known as the “Koude Kauwen Tocht.”  This trip took them from Jachthaven Strijensas to Tiel, navigating through rivers, with a special twist of warm treats and the unique opportunity to embrace the essence of their boats’ capabilities, the true purpose of their vessels: high-speed navigation.

Start at Strijensas

The journey began at the charming Strijensas, where the participants boarded boats equipped for a fast-paced adventure. The Koude Kauwen Tocht is renowned for its speedy nature, featuring a fleet of RIBs. As the boats glided through the scenic waterways, passengers were treated not only to breathtaking views of the Dutch landscape but also to the invigorating experience of utilizing their boats for what they were designed for—speeding through the water.

Lock at Tiel

After the first part of the trip, we arrived at Tiel. By navigating the lock, which allows boats to traverse changes in water levels, we could continue our trip at the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. Our customers experienced a moment of tranquility to enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate and freshly made typical dutch treats: oliebollen.

Lunch at Bergen Ambacht

Continuing the trip, the boats made their way back to the west to Bergen Ambacht. Ultimately docking at the renowned Restaurant aan de Dijck. Nestled along the riverbanks, the restaurant offered a perfect setting for a delicious lunch.

Ending with beautiful sunset

As the day concluded, the group was treated to a spectacular sunset, casting a warm and golden hue over the waters. This breathtaking finale added an extra layer of enchantment to an already magical day, leaving participants with not only cherished memories but also a deep appreciation for the beauty of the Dutch waterways, especially when complemented by splendid weather and the exhilaration of high-speed sailing.

The Koude Kauwe Tocht, not only provided a memorable adventure but also served as a reminder of the true purpose of why our clients love their boats. By organizing regular excursions, even in the winter when many clients might not typically use their vessels, these events encourages boat owners to embrace the thrill of fast-paced sailing. This winter journey celebrated the joy of utilizing their vessels to the fullest, creating a community of boat enthusiasts who relish every opportunity to experience the sheer exhilaration of navigating the Dutch waters.