From 1986 ⸻

Our story

Revolt was born out of its own knowledge and strength. With innate Dutch know-how of navigating any waters, this is the formula to allow you to experience the ultimate features of our Revolt boat. The founder of Revolt John Biesheuvel is recognized as a world leader in the field of pure custom performance boats. Revolt offers the possibility to produce the most unique boat in collaboration with you, customized to your preferences.


The entire process of purchase, production, and ultimately delivery is done in-house in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is the epicenter when it comes to boat building. It’s in our genes for generations. Thus, Revolt strives for the best quality with the right personal attention. The customer comes first, and we want to ensure that the possibility of a boat with high performance becomes a reality.


As soon as you step into the workshop, you see the employees building our boats with passion, where each component and screw has a story. Our mechanics and technicians can explain it to you extensively and with a passion. Boats are a common thread in our people’s lives, and that is also the reason why we can make a beautiful product for you.


Revolt is not a standard brand, but rather contradictory and extreme, and takes into account the customer’s wishes. Experience what Revolt can do for you.

Revolt Custom Boats - No compromise

Going all the way back to her roots, Revolt has a heritage dating back to 2000. When John Biesheuvel started to manufacture Custom Build Racing RIBS.


Each new Revolt is an innovation in itself, as we constantly strive to redefine the vision of perfection and make every Revolt better than the last in terms of craftsmanship and technology.


Everyone who works at Revolt has a deep affinity with the exquisite materials with which they work and the stunning things they create. Working at Revolt also requires a passion for one’s work that goes far beyond the norm. The best materials for building a Revolt are incredible people and construction partner.

The Revolt Charity

Team Revolt likes to help each other that’s why we help charities. For many years we are helping the “Opkikker” foundation and “Pk for kids”. These are charities that want to give children an unforgettable day. We are happy to contribute to this by taking them on an unforgettable boat tour with them.  A child’s smile is worth gold.


Are you such an organization or do you arrange those kinds of days, don’t hesitate, and let us know if we can do something for you. Contact us.