Building process

Building Process

We belong to the top of well-known RIB building experts in- and outside The Netherlands. We believe in our products, offer service at an unexcelled level and do our best to make our customers dream come true.

As simple-minded as we are, we are proud of our small clientele for who we have built RIBS. We build RIBS for both leisure and professional use.

There is one thing we share with our clients: the passion for RIBS. Besides the RIBS we have (new or used) for sale, we would love to go through the process of building your custom Revolt. Whether you want a daycruiser, family racer, charter RIB or raceboat, we can build it all.

Size matters

We build RIBS based on hull designs that have proven their quality and capabilities throughout the years. Our RIBS are available in various lengths; Revolt RIBS in 7.6 – 13 meters.