Certificate of Authenticity inspection


The COA inspection takes approximately five hours. It involves inspection of over 175 aspects (in 16 categories) by factory specialists, sometimes even under the watchful eye of John Biesheuvel himself. Based on the findings for each aspect, a score (from 1 to 10) is assigned in each category. The points for the 16 categories are then averaged to calculate a total score for the technical condition, appearance and authenticity of the boat. The Certificate of Authenticity is granted when the total score is at least six in all three areas. The COA must be renewed annually.


Please note: Certain categories are considered more important than others for reasons of safety or authenticity. If the score for one of these critical categories is insufficient (<6), a COA will not be issued.


After the COA inspection you receive three documents:

1. Certificate of Authenticity – the annual renewal will be added to this each year
2. Assessment report – a full report of the individual scores in each category
3. Factory inspection report – a nine-page report containing a detailed description of each aspect of the inspection