Your delivery date

Estimating your delivery date

When you place your order, you’ll agree with preferred delivery time frame. The preference is defaulted to the first available time frame and can be moved out up to six months. This flexibility is helpful if you’d like to arrange the delivery of your Revolt RIB around any events, such as time to selling date of your current boat or a planned trip. If you need to change your preferred delivery time frame after order confirmation, please notify your contact person within Revolt as soon as possible.


About a month and a half before your boat enters production you will be assigned a boat identification number (BIN). This number is often required to secure 3rd party financing or set up insurance.


Your current estimated delivery time frames can be found in your purchase contract. Because a number of factors may impact timing – including shifting production schedules, option availability, and the logistics of transporting your vehicle – it’s not uncommon to observe changes to this initial time frame.


Your contact person within Revolt will confirm your delivery appointment once your boat is ready.