Preserving the Revolt pedigree

Revolt has launched well over 80 Revolt RIBS during the last 20 years. The vast majority are still sailing today due to their unrivaled build quality and the love and care with which they have been maintained by their owners. At Revolt we remain equally proud of our offspring and committed to supporting those who choose to keep their boats in top condition.


This is why Revolt only provides refit services to Revolt owners. We know these boats like nobody else. And we know – again, like nobody else – how to ensure the original superior quality levels are retained. Maintaining the Revolt pedigree – its DNA if you like – is also very important to us. Any other refit simply won’t do…


Comprehensive Services

The term refit covers a wide range of activities to improve the status of a boat in terms of aesthetics, personal taste, user-friendliness, maintenance and repair, safety and other important aspects for the owner. As the ultimate after sales service, we present a complete pallet of custom refit activities to help (future) Revolt owners plan, implement and enjoy these improvements:


> Pre-purchasing and Refit Surveys
> Feasibility studies
> Making lists
> Rebuilds and repower in the Revolt Workshop
> Remote refit at partner maintenance yards