Leave it for the experts

If your Revolt has been damaged in an accident, it is not advisable to simply take it to the most convenient local shop for repair. After all, a Revolt RIB has a unique hull frame made of fibreglass connected to a custom made tube. The result is a lightweight powerboat that gives your Revolt its unique handling characteristics.


Then there is the special suspension configuration and high-precision aluminum/carbon fibre body that is built and installed by hand. You will understand that any RIB repair without knowledge of the boat’s handling characteristics will significantly detract from the appearance and value of your Revolt.


Therefore, in the event of damage to your boat, always contact Revolt Custom Boats first. We can then assess whether the boat can be repaired locally or that it is advisable to have the work done at Revolt. In the latter case – and depending on your insurance coverage – we can also arrange transport for you. One less thing for you to worry about!