Certificate of Authenticity


Since 2000, a total of over 80 Revolt RIBS have been hand built in Strijen, the Netherlands. This makes every Revolt a truly unique specimen with a story all its own. In many cases the boats are maintained and looked after with great pride. Unfortunately, however, not every owner treats their Revolt with equal care. Moreover, not every Revolt is maintained by the factory or an approved Revolt service point. Some Boats are repaired or ‘embellished’ with non-original or non-authentic parts, and damage repairs are not always carried out in accordance with the factory specifications, which may degrade the unique characteristics and handling of a Revolt RIB.


The COA is therefore an important document for every Revolt. This gives you, the current or future owner, insight into the current state of the boat with respect to authenticity, technical condition and appearance – in black and white. The Certificate of Authenticity is also an important benchmark for insurers, appraisers, etc. when it comes to establishing the value of your boat.


Benefits of a Certificate of Authenticity

You get a clear picture of the current state of the Revolt you own or are considering buying. The Certificate of Authenticity is also beneficial in terms of preserving the value of your Revolt, both with your insurance company/appraiser and when selling your boat.